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How to Re-route Individual Hits and Mics in Kontakt Studio Drummer

Kontakt Studio Drummer Advanced Tips: Routing Individual Hits, Multi Output in Logic Pro X

In this article, we will delve deeper into the intricacies of rerouting Kontakt Studio Drummer in Logic Pro X. I highly recommend reading/watching the instructions in this previous post on the basics of using Logic's mixer board for your Kontakt drum multi-outputs. After that, in this article, we will build up that foundation and explore how to gain more control over the mixing process to enhance your production. So, let's jump right in!

In addition to this written summary, here's the video tutorial walking through it:

Review the Initial Kontakt Routing

In this section, we'll review the initial Kontakt routing setup. Open the Kontakt interface and observe the separate Logic tracks that correspond to different drums. These tracks give you full control over each drum hit, allowing you to apply plugins and fine-tune the mix.

Addressing the Hi-Hat Sound

Now, let's focus on improving the sound of the hi-hat. By default, the hi-hat is routed to the master output, which means all processing is handled within Kontakt. However, this may not yield the desired result. To reroute the hi-hat and achieve a different sound, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Group Editor in Kontakt

  2. Make sure "Edit All Groups" is disabled

  3. Select the "Direct Hi-Hat" group.

  4. Observe the routing destinations of the hi-hat sound

  5. Locate the bus it is currently routed to (e.g., bus three)

  6. Adjust the output of the hi-hat bus to achieve the desired level

Alternate Solution - Direct Mic Output Rerouting

While the previous method provides precise control, an alternate solution involves rerouting the hi-hat direct mic output. This approach bypasses some of Kontakt's processing, offering a different sound. However, it is not recommended in most cases. Nonetheless, here's how you can do it:

  1. Instead of adjusting the bus output, reroute the direct hi-hat mic output directly to your desired destination (e.g., hi-hat channel in Logic).

  2. Keep in mind that this bypasses some of the processing and effects applied within Kontakt.

  3. Consider this method if you prefer to handle all processing and effects within Logic.

  4. Please note that rerouting all individual channels using this method can be cumbersome.

Recap and Why Set Up Multi-Outs in Kontakt

To summarize the process and highlight its significance, let's revisit the key points:


  • Mix Control: The Group Editor in Kontakt allows you to fine-tune the routing of individual drum hits, such as the hi-hat, providing greater control over your mix. Setting up multi-outs in Kontakt provides the flexibility to isolate specific drum sounds, like the hi-hat, for more focused mixing and processing within Logic.

  • Shared Bus Effects Throughout Project: Multi-outs allows you to exert greater control over the sense of space in your mix by sending individual drum channels to different reverbs or delays that are shared with other instruments in your Logic project, giving you more creative possibilities.


  • By adjusting the output levels in the Group Editor, you can ensure that each drum hit contributes the desired amount of signal to your mix.

  • Rerouting the hi-hat mic output to a specific channel in Logic allows you to treat it separately and apply individual processing, such as EQ and effects, enhancing your overall sound.

  • While the alternative method of rerouting the direct mic output directly to Logic is possible, it may bypass some of Kontakt's processing, which can affect the overall sound and character of the drum kit. Consider this option carefully based on your desired outcome.


Mastering the rerouting of Kontakt Studio Drummer in Logic Pro X opens up a world of possibilities for your drum mixes. By utilizing the Group Editor in Kontakt and setting up multi-outs, you can achieve greater control, enhance individual drum sounds, and create a more polished and professional mix. Experiment with different routing options and processing techniques to find the approach that best suits your creative vision. Happy mixing!


Thanks for reading! I hope you found this article helpful. It took me forever to figure this out initially, so hopefully this saves you some time. For more content, please subscribe to my email list or follow me on YouTube or Instagram.


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