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Hey! Here's the gear I use! I'll only include things that I like using and would recommend to others. If you do end up buying any of these for your own setup, I've included Amazon affiliate links on all of them. I'll get a portion of any sale if you use my link, so that'd be cool if you end up buying any haha. But no pressure.


If this is helpful, I might break this down further for "phases" of getting gear. Like - for example, when just starting out, what's the bare minimum I'd recommend for cheapest setup with best results. Then - if you start wanting more, what are the next upgrades. Just an idea - let me know if you think that'd be cool!

Logic Pro X is my primary DAW. I grew up with GarageBand, already had a MacBook Pro - so this one made the most sense for me (great built-in sounds, great bussing and grouping design, and overall just very usable). Tons of other great DAWs will work just fine.

This mic is great for live shows, and is probably all you really need for vocal recording when starting out. It's a very common, standard mic for a reason. When first starting (esp. if you do live shows and need your own mic) - this would be my choice.

This is my main keyboard. I like the key action on it, and it's nice not having to plug in a separate multi-pad for the drums. The feel of the multi-pad is as good as Akai pads, but ease of use and having it fit on my desk easily make up for it.

These headphones are awesome. I have had mine for like 10 years and they're still awesome. I would 100% recommend these to anyone wanting high quality sound while mixing, producing, or just listening to music.

My Shure SM7B is my jack-of-all-trades mic. I used to use a couple different mics for instruments and vocals, but since I got this, I literally use it for everything haha. As far as a good all-around mic to get before you have a 

A solid audio interface. Pretty much all the name brand ones are equally good from what I can tell. This is just the one I happened to get. Haven't had any issues with it. Two inputs (nice if I ever need to get stereo input from synths or other instruments).

This little MIDI keyboard is my travel go-to. I have a little case for it to throw it in my backpack. The pads feel fantastic. Plus, this edition just looks cool with reverse color keys. The other editions have normal color keys.

As I started connecting more gear to my laptop for audio recording, I ran into issues of the devices not getting enough power via USB, and other connection-related problems. I upgraded a basic USB dongle to this thing - and it's a beast.

These are great. I got them on sale, otherwise I might've gotten a cheaper pair first. But honestly - get a good pair of mixing headphones before upgrading speakers - because unless your room is well treated for sound, headphones are probably more accurate.

This was the first guitar I bought on my own when I was younger, and I still love it. I really like the acoustic sound for recording. Plugged in playing live, I've had some mid-frequency buildup when plugged in live, but might just be how I turn the knobs on it.

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