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Marcus Wadell, of Cradle Cat

Producer. Songwriter. Topliner.

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Hi there! I'm Marcus. Cradle Cat is my indie/alt pop project.


Before I quit my job at a high-growth software company to focus on music, I snuck my music into software videos I made at work, wrote jingles for dozen of brands (including Domino's Pizza), and released my initial EP, Future Self (re-released in Nov 2019).


Now I live in Stockholm, Sweden - pop music capital of the world. Before that, I split time in my hometown Indianapolis, IN and Nashville, TN to write and produce with other up-and-coming artists.



Here's a collection of songs I've worked on that have been released. It spans a variety of styles, but mostly gravitates around indiepop and pop music. I try my best to produce whatever I feel the song needs, and not force it into any specific genre. If I feel like I can't help you accomplish your vision for your music, I'll let you know upfront and hopefully even suggest another producer who can.


If you're an artist looking for an original song to make your own, I have a number of instrumental tracks and entire song demos complete with lyrics and melody. Please contact me using the form below if you're interested in purchasing and working with one of these unreleased tracks.



Need a songwriter or songwriting partner to help bring out the best in your music? I've had hundreds of songwriting sessions in-person or virtually.


Have a solid song idea, but feel like the production is holding it back? I can help your realize your vision and keep you creatively involved in the process.

Mixing & Mastering 

I love the tiny details that add up to a great sounding song - whether it's a song I produced or one you're bringing to me only for the mixing or mastering steps.


If you're looking for help on your journey to learn music production, mixing, or Logic Pro X, reach out to me for 1-on-1 lessons.

Let's Do THis!

Let's chat about your next project. I'd love to learn more about what you're working on and help you see if I'd be a good fit.

Thanks for submitting!

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