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Full Song Package

Looking for an all-in-one package? I'll produce, mix, and master your song. This includes whatever recording time is needed in my home studio (Stockholm, Sweden).


Have a solid song idea, but feel like the track production is holding it back? I can help your realize your vision and keep you creatively involved in the process.

Mixing & Mastering

Don't let a bad mix keep your song from its potential! I love the tiny details that add up to a great sounding song. Let's make sure your song sounds as great as it possibly can.


If you're looking for help on your journey to learn music production, mixing, or Logic Pro X, you can sign up for 1-on-1 lessons here.

Individual Services
Free Consultation Call (see below)
Timing Editing (Vocals or instruments)
Vocal Comping
Acoustic Guitar Session Playing
Vocal Recording Sessions
Single Instrument Recording Sessions
Vocal Tuning

Let's Do THis!

marcus city compressed.jpg


Hi there! I'm Marcus of Cradle Cat.


I've written jingles for dozen of brands (including Domino's Pizza), designed audio for software and mobile applications, and written, produced, mixed, or mastered music for other artists as well as my own music for Cradle Cat.

I'm based in Stockholm, Sweden - pop music capital of the world. Before that, I lived in Indianapolis, IN, where I regularly traveled to Nashville, TN to write and produce with other up-and-coming artists.

My grandpa taught me how to play guitar growing up, and I've been making music ever since. I've always focused on the writing side of music, and grew increasingly obsessed with the production process during college.


Here's a collection of songs I've worked on that have been released. It spans a variety of styles, but mostly gravitates around indiepop and pop music.

I started doing a series on social media where I find an awesome acoustic demo posted online, and add my own production on top of it. Take a listen! ...note: all these vocals are just stripped from the original audio, so mixing isn't perfect :) Follow me on IG for more of these!

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