Hey! Cradle Cat is my indie/alt pop project. Before quitting my "normal" job at a high-growth software company, I wrote commercial jingles (for brands including Domino's Pizza), snuck my music into software demonstration videos I created at work, and released my initial EP.


In additional to releasing my own music, I now split time between my hometown Indianapolis, IN and Nashville, TN to write and produce with as many new co-writers as I can in the music capitol.


After playing for in an eclectic high school band that included a classically trained violinist, I put live music on hold while attending Indiana University - but developed my songwriting and production from my dorm room. I started recording ideas in GarageBand, contributing to some of my early "bedroom pop" influences. I look forward to sharing more music with you!

- Marcus (aka Cradle Cat)

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Stitch Me Together

This song sounds like if Linkin Park added an r&b singer and wrote and emo alt pop song. I team up with Rob the Voice (an awesome artist here in Indianapolis) on this song for a really cool, unexpected combo of sounds. If you miss the emo pop days, this could be your jam.

Ready to Be Us

Sometimes a relationship fails, and you wonder if you can get it back. But - both people have to be ready to give it another try. This song is an ask from one person to another saying it's not too late to try again.


This song is about being the first one to blink in a relationship that's not going well. Instead of pretending to continue along, one person starts the breakup, and gives the other person an out by being the 'bad guy/girl'. Maybe the other person never would have broken up and they would've been unhappy forever.

How You Wear It

On the surface, you'll hear a catchy, acoustic guitar-driven song with superficial lyrics about someone's wardrobe. However, just like clothes are the most outer layer of a person, these lyrics are a metaphor for how someone wears their own qualities or their ups and downs of life. I wrote this to flirt with my girlfriend, who likes song lyrics with multiple layers (and also has good fashion sense).

New You

New You presents a satirical view of New Year's resolutions veiled in a cheery melody. In that light, the "New You" hook line comes off as an "oh well, we tried" aside. Drawing from the mindset of his favorite satirical authors Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut, that dismal outlook is balanced by the hopeful note of knowing that we'll try again.

Soft Serve Sunset

This song focuses on the feeling of acceptance. Just sitting, watching the sunset, and not being upset with whatever might be going on in life. Cradle Cat aims to focus everything in the song on that idea - from the music being big then calm to represent the sunset, the vocals being smaller in comparison to represent our worries, and the vocals getting stronger at the end with satisfied acceptance and optimism for the next day.