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How to Mix Kontakt Drums on Separate Tracks

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Set Up Kontakt Multiple Outputs in Logic Pro X

Here we'll walk through how to mix your Kontakt drums as separate tracks in Logic Pro. Some reasons you might want to do this would be to:

  1. Mix each drum sound separately (EQ, reverb, compression, etc.)

  2. Export/bounce individual drum sounds on their own stem (kick, snare, hihat, etc.)

  3. Less CPU intensive than simply duplication each Kontakt track/instance in Logic Pro and separating the drum sounds (which is what I used to do lol)

In addition to this written summary, here's the video tutorial walking through it:


We'll need to do a few things to get this all setup. First, we'll setup Kontakt so it can send separate outputs for each sound. This also involves setting the track in Logic Pro to be able to receive all these separate outputs. Second, we need to properly route those individual Kontakt outputs to the corresponding Logic channels. And third, we need to create Tracks in the timeline view for each of our Logic channels.