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Hey there! I could use your help! I'm still trying to share my music with more people. If you can help me out with that by sharing a link to "New You" on Facebook, I'll give you a 20% discount on your next order from my online store! To get the discount:

  1. Click the share button below

  2. Tag @CradleCatMusic in your shared post (and add your own comments)

  3. Order something from my online store and use the promo code below during checkout

Honestly - I don't have a way to prove if you posted or not, so I'm trusting you here!

Once you've shared, use the discount code WELCOME20 during checkout. Here's a link to my online store!



-Marcus (aka Cradle Cat)

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Step 1/5:
Follow on Spotify

Step 2/5:
Add my songs to your playlists

This helps a ton! Any playlist you think it fits on. This helps keep my songs in your rotation, and tells Spotify's algorithm that you like my music! (Which means... it can recommend it to other people who might like it, too!) 

Step 3/5:
Follow on YouTube

Step 4/5:
Follow on Facebook/IG

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Step 5/5:
Share a song with a friend

You're taking up to 11 with this step. If you're feeling up to it, pick your favorite song, then share a streaming link to it with any friends you think would enjoy it.
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