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Ear Drops is Cradle Cat's first ever sample pack, and it is an epic debut!


Supercharge your songs with over 125 MB of completely custom sounds. Every single one of the 150+ sounds was designed from scratch using a live recorded sound for a completely unique result. This pack combines years of experience with audio design for software and apps with pop music production background to deliver a robust set of new flavors to add in your own songs. All samples have been meticulously mixed, layered, and exported as high quality WAV files. All Loops and Sweeps have embedded tempo information to ensure they drag and drop seamlessly into any project.


For Logic Pro X users, the pack also includes patches and presets for Drum Machine Designer, Sampler, and Quick Sampler using the melodic one shots and drum kits for extra convenience. Every Sampler and Quick Sampler preset includes a number of already configured LFO/Envelope settings that best fit each sample so you can quickly get a spectrum of different sounds for each synth with just a few clicks.


If you chase unique sounds and want to inject your next song with some new life, this sample pack is for you!


Pack Details:


111 Unique One Shot Samples

  • 4 Kicks
  • 13 Snares
  • 4 Claps
  • 12 Hi Hats
  • 12 Toms
  • 8 Cymbals
  • 15 Percussive Hits
  • 3 Bass Shots
  • 4 Synth Shots
  • 36 Shouts and Ad Libs


20 Unique Loops

  • 5 Fingerpicked Acoustic Guitar Loops (at various tempos from 90 to 165bpm)
  • 15 Percussive Loops


20 Unique Tension Building Transition, Sweeps, and Risers

  • 7 Impacts
  • 6 Risers
  • 6 Sweeps


18 Presets for Logic Pro X

  • 4 Drum Machine Designer Kit Patches (DMD)
  • 7 Sampler Presets
  • 7 Quick Sampler Presets (Q-Sampler)


All Samples, Presets, and Loops are 100% Royalty Free!

Ear Drops (Sample Pack)

  • Delivered as a digital download

    Windows 8+
    macOS 10.9+
    500MB of Free Hard Drive Space
    Logic Pro X (only needed for the Logic Pro X presets)

    One user license per purchase

    No refunds on digital products

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