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Need streaming music?

I'm an independent content creator, too. I'd love to be able to help each other out! If you like my music (here) and want to play my music during your live streams on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or others - sign up below to get the MP3 downloads you can play as much as you like. By signing up and streaming - you just need to agree to the criteria below to help me out:

Criteria for using music
(8 song download)
in your live streams:

1) Email blast, social share, or $10

I'm trying to grow my audience, too - and if you share my music on your email list and socials - no need to pay :)

2) Include this information in your stream / video description:

Music from - Cradle Cat

Music streaming links:

Follow Cradle Cat -

That's all!

If you're ready to use my music, just email me at with your channel name, and if you want to do the email, social share, or $10!

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